Nations Institute for the Devloppment and the International Cooperation, Strategic Study and Research, Information Society and the NICT ( NIDC )

Geographical region: Middle East North Africa and International

Rachid Driss
honor president excellency SE Rachid Driss (1917 - 2009) Download CV From

Executive President : Khaled FATNASSI

Principal Senior Consultant: Yadh BEN MASOUD

Adviserey Board and Scientific Committe :



we operate transparently and in an environment that respects our mission, our vision and our values. We honor the promises that we make between each other and towards the targeted groups that we serve.

Priority and orientation

Thanks to the mobilizing objectives that have been established, we pursue together our overall mission and vision.

Trust and mutual respect

We trust and respect each other and with whom we work. We build an appropriate environment for the exchange of ideas and opinions.


An atmosphere full of curiosity animates our communications. The team members are fully involved in discussion and freely express their different opinions. Between each other’s and our partners, our tolerance and transparency strengthen the mutual trust and helps to achieve our mission.


We recognize that partnership is crucial for the success of mission. We develop strategic alliances and partnerships with people committed to advance the Human Rights cause.


We work in an environment that is continually changing and where learning is fore fronting everything we do. We look for opportunities to create new concepts, services, structures and systems that can inspire our mission and motivation.